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Our nuclear risk assessment project experience includes:

  • Transport (ship, rail, road, air)
  • Distribution

The 'portfolio' approach to electricity generation needs, whereby fossil fuel burning and nuclear power stations are combined with electricity from hydroelectric and other renewable sources has seen the launch of a new generation of nuclear reactors. The operation of these facilities as well as the transport, storage and disposal of new and used uranium fuel nevertheless provides more nuclear risk assessment challenges than ever to the industry. Earthquake, accident plus security risks are more prevalent than at any time in the short history of nuclear power. And there are more nuclear power stations than ever before. All of which are under increasing pressure to adopt the most stringent safety regimes.

OTK safety case engineers are able to provide a comprehensive suite of services to the nuclear sectors to support our clients in demonstrating risk management in a highly regulated industry.

For further information on nuclear risk assessment services please contact us at info@otkltd.com